I Am Nothing Without You, Emma Blackery

Has anyone heard of Emma Blackery? Well, she's a British singer-songwriter and YouTuber. She is indescribably funny and wildly talented. Her videos and songs reflect her goofy, sarcastic and overall laugh-inducing personality. Her song Nothing Without You is positively marvellous! She has managed to encompass fun, uplifting, sad and depressing all in the same song! The lyrics and... Continue Reading →

Who Want’s to Be a Marionette?

Yet another love song, but in a way, I've never heard before. I love the whole symbolism surrounding marionettes. I've now listened to this song a hundred times, and I still love it. Who else loves Spotify's Discover Weekly? Anyways, that's where I first listened to this Romanian Singer (and Model, if anyone's interested in that... Continue Reading →

That Voice Belongs to HIM!?

Human by Rag'n'Bone Man is an amazing piece of music! You must have heard this song somewhere. It is SUPER popular at the moment and for good reason! I think I first heard the song when I watched the 2017 Brit Awards, where Rag'n'Bone Man won British Breakthrough Act, but it has been going non-stop... Continue Reading →

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