Who Want’s to Be a Marionette?

Yet another love song, but in a way, I've never heard before. I love the whole symbolism surrounding marionettes. I've now listened to this song a hundred times, and I still love it. Who else loves Spotify's Discover Weekly? Anyways, that's where I first listened to this Romanian Singer (and Model, if anyone's interested in that... Continue Reading →

Carve The Mark – Veronica Roth

When a book includes superpowers, war, space travel, and love, what more can you ask for? The author is Veronica Roth, who also wrote the Divergent series. Admittedly I have never read those books, but I loved the films and thought this book was bound to be good - And I was not disappointed. I... Continue Reading →

How to Remember to Drink Water

Do you sometimes look back on your day and realise you didn't drink enough water? Me too, so here are a few tips on how to remember to drink water. So why should you drink more water? Well, you need it. And a lot more than you might think. It is also the solution to an endless... Continue Reading →

Emma Watson Can Sing!?

Beautiful songs, fancy dresses, and an enchanted castle. It's Beauty & the Beast (2017). I am a sucker for Disney and I have always especially loved Beauty & the Beast. When I learned they were doing a live action version of it, I literally jumped in the air from the sheer excitement! These past few months... Continue Reading →

Cheap Jewelry From Hong Kong

I've done it again: I went on LightInTheBox.com and ended up ordering £30 worth of jewelry... Let me show you how it went. So, if any of you have tried buying stuff from LightInTheBox, you know it's quite a gamble. You never quite know how the quality of the products will be. Sometimes you really get your... Continue Reading →

British vs American English

Crisps or chips? Pants or trousers? Dinner or tea? So having lived in England for a while and having access to well, the internet, I've discovered many linguistic differences between British English and American English, many of which I will share with you today. One of the first ones I discovered, which I did not... Continue Reading →

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