Danish Birthday Traditions

As I am writing this it has been exactly one month since I turned twenty, and oh boy has it been exciting turning twenty! ... I'm kidding, nothing has changed whatsoever. But since I went back to Denmark to celebrate my birthday, I thought it could be fun to explain some Danish birthday traditions. Mind... Continue Reading →

British vs American English

Crisps or chips? Pants or trousers? Dinner or tea? So having lived in England for a while and having access to well, the internet, I've discovered many linguistic differences between British English and American English, many of which I will share with you today. One of the first ones I discovered, which I did not... Continue Reading →

I Went to Jail!?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a real prison looked like? Maybe you've watched tons of crime series, but that's not quite the same, so you finally decide to go on a tour of a prison? Me too. Let us go back to the 17th of January, where I took a tour of... Continue Reading →

Danish vs English Culture

Denmark and England┬ábeing two quite different (yet somehow similar) countries, they have quite a few cultural differences, and I'm here to explain some of them. Let's start off with some of the smaller ones. If you are invited into someones home in Denmark and they offer you a warm beverage, It will likely be coffee,... Continue Reading →

Au Pair

Being an au pair is a unique experience. No two jobs are the same, and that's one of the many things I love about it. Now there will probably be some of you who don't know what an au pair does, so let me just give a short explanation: An au pair lives with a... Continue Reading →

Moving Abroad

Okay, I'm going to have to try to keep this post from becoming an entire novel, but I simply have SO much to talk about! Because of this, I will be talking about some of the related things (like the language and working as an au pair) in separate posts. Without further ado, let's jump... Continue Reading →

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