Laugh At My Jokes!

Laughter is said to be medicine for the soul. I can by no means confirm that, but it sure makes me feel better. And who makes you laugh more than a stand up comedian? Maybe one of those "try not to laugh" challenge videos on the internet, but they are REALLY hard to compete with!... Continue Reading →

My Favorite YouTubers

Do you ever find yourself watching YouTube for 10 minutes, then look at the clock and realize several hours have passed? Yeah, me too. There is so much you can watch on YouTube, but what I spend most of my time there doing is watching YouTubers. So I thought I'd share my favourite ones with... Continue Reading →

The Cinema

I love watching films in almost every way possible, but my favorite method will forever be going to the cinema - preferably an empty one, but that rarely happens. So why do I love the cinema so much? Well, first of all it's the complete immersion into the film on the screen. I can completely... Continue Reading →

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