The Maze

The Maze

When you first enter, you will find yourself surrounded by lush green hedges with flowers growing at their base.
It is a happy and joyful place, which seems filled with love and possibilities.

But as you venture further into the maze, you will find that the lushness doesn’t last.
Here, the hedges have turned brown and the flowers have withered away.
The joy is gone and it has been replaced by a feeling of sadness and insecurity.

Moving even further, the hedges have turned to cold and unforgiving stone. The path seems to grow narrower as if to stop you in your path and cast you out of the maze.

At this point, most will have given up and gone back the way they came. But if you have the courage to continue and to touch the stone walls, you will find that beneath your hands the stone will crumble away and reveal the beautiful green hedge beneath.

So don’t give up.
Don’t abandon me.
I need your help to heal and transform the maze that is my mind.


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