Towards The Rising Sun

She squinted as she tried looking directly at the rising sun. Obscuring the natural horizon beyond was the tall buildings that made up the centre of the town in which she had lived her entire life. Soon she would make her way to one of these buildings to spend her day behind a plain desk. After work, she would go home and spend her entire evening alone in her small flat on the 5th floor of an old building. Then tomorrow, she would do it all over again.

As she stood there, staring at the sunrise, a bright blue bird flew past her window and caught her eye. She watched as it flew around in circles, mirroring how she felt about her life. The bird then decided to ascend high into the air, past the point where she could no longer see it. Then, in a blue blur, it fell past her window, and she thought it dead until, just before slamming into the concrete below, it straightened up and changed course, coming back to hover just outside her window. As it sat there in midair, it looked at her, and she felt it look past her physical body straight into her soul. Without thinking, She opened the window and climbed onto a narrow ledge outside.

At first, she was terrified of falling, but looking into the bird’s eyes seemed to calm her down. She reached her hand out towards it, and as she did, her feet let go of the ledge and she too was hovering in midair. Floating there, she instantly knew where she wanted to go, and with the bird beside her, she flew out towards the rising sun.


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