I Am Nothing Without You, Emma Blackery

Has anyone heard of Emma Blackery? Well, she’s a British singer-songwriter and YouTuber. She is indescribably funny and wildly talented. Her videos and songs reflect her goofy, sarcastic and overall laugh-inducing personality.

Her song Nothing Without You is positively marvellous! She has managed to encompass fun, uplifting, sad and depressing all in the same song! The lyrics and the music sort of contradict each other, and I absolutely love it!

I assure you, this song makes you want to get out of your comfy office chair and dance around! The upbeat music and Emma’s lovely voice come together in an amazing way to give us this beautiful piece of music. Oh, and the music video is not too shabby either.

Link to music video: Emma Blackery – Nothing Without You (Official Video)

Have you got a great song, which you want to share with everybody? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you for my next post. Bye!


*I have no professional expertise on music. This is 100% my personal opinion.

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