10 Social Taboos That Should Just Die Already!

We all know subjects and actions that are considered inappropriate to talk about or perform in public. Some of these exist for good reason, but others are so outdated that they should just go ahead and die. I have not included the obvious ones dealing with the LGBTQ+ community. These taboos are slowly dying, and they are already widely discussed on the internet. However, I’m going to talk about some, which may have also been discussed in media, and some that you maybe hadn’t thought of.

1) Menstruation

Enough with the weird euphemisms! No more “I’ve got the red” or “I’m surfing the crimson wave”. It’s time to accept saying “I’m on my period” and not finding it gross. Period.

Also, let’s agree to not treat it as a “hush hush” subject anymore! Life as we know it would cease to exist without menstruation. Every woman from her early teenage years bleeds from her vagina every 21-28 days until she’s well on her way to 60! We live in the 21st century where children have sex education in school and a computer with access to the internet at home. We all agree that it’s not something demonic or unnatural, in fact, it’s one of the most natural things on earth!

So it’s time to lay this social taboo to rest and speak up about menstruation!

2) Being a Virgin

I’m gonna be the first to say this: *Deep breath* “I’M 20 AND I’M A VIRGIN AND THAT’S OKAY!”… Whew, that felt good to get off my chest.

Society and the media give us this idea that if you haven’t had sex with at least 5 different people by the time you’re 22, you are either asexual or a freak. We get this idea that we need to accumulate a certain amount of experience with sex before we reach a certain age or we will not be able to please a potentially much more experienced partner and we’ll end up alone for the rest of our lives. Seems quite harsh, though, doesn’t it?

Let me see if I understand this correctly: So just because you haven’t met a guy who has been able to make me feel ready and willing to have sex with him, you’re odd? I beg to differ. You’re not odd or atypical, you just haven’t met the right person yet or prepared yourself enough mentally. Maybe you’re one of those people who feel very uncomfortable undressing in front of people, and thus getting naked with someone is an ocean-wide step for you. And that’s okay!

There is nothing wrong with waiting to have sex until you meet the right person to have your first time with. You may feel ready and happen to meet this person at the age of 15, or maybe it doesn’t happen till you’re 25. In either case, there is nothing wrong with it!

So stop being ashamed of being a virgin or make up silly excuses for it. Say it with me: “I’m a virgin and I’m not ashamed of it!”

3) Talking About Death

Religions have always tried making death sounds less like the End. But let’s face it: we live in a time where science is a major factor in pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are taught biology in school, we learn about births and about death. Then why do we insist upon sugarcoating it? Stop!

It’s time we teach our children that when their pet rabbit Thumper dies it does not “go to sleep and never wake up”, neither does it “go to rabbit heaven”. It’s body shuts down and stops functioning. After a while it’s body will decompose and become part of the earth. When children are little they do not yet understand this concept anyway and will therefore not find it particularly sad unless you deliver the news in a way to make them feel just that. You can easily teach your children about death in a save and honest way.

People don’t talk much about death. It’s an uncomfortable subject to most people, understandably. I don’t like the thought of my life having an end either! I’m just not denying this fact. I quite like talking about death. I find it fascinating the way people cling to life with every fiber of their being. And I’m not saying it’s not okay to believe in life after death and the like, I simply mean that we need to accept the “death” part as well as the “life after” part.

4) Talking About Drugs

Stop associating drugs with an instant death. Many drugs are less toxic to our body than alcohol, and many have amazing medical purposes in the proper dosage.

Yes, they are addictive, but so is caffeine, nicotine, and sugar! You shouldn’t do drugs, but neither should you drinks large amounts of alcohol, drink too much coffee or eat too many sugary things. All I’m asking is that we stop treating people who do occasionally take drugs like criminals or “bad” people. They can easily be the nicest peoples you’ve ever met! Nobody’s forcing you to do drugs or smoke weed, so stop forcing bad labels upon people who do.

Also, don’t do anything illegal. Just wanted to put that out there…

5) Not Wanting Children and Talking About This

This makes me so angry on behalf of the men and women out there who do not want children of their own. Yes, it is instinctual to want to reproduce oneself, and this is certainly true for most of us. But if a man or a woman doesn’t want children or doesn’t feel up to the task of taking care of a child of their own, we should not pressure them into doing it, or make them think they are wrong in feeling that way! It’s their life. Let’s stop being ashamed of not wanting children. It is your life and you have every right to speak up about your choices without feeling judged or ashamed.

6) Talking about sex

Why is this such a touchy subject? I like talking about sex, and finding out what other people like in bed. It gives me a new perspective of them as a person and it gives me insight into how different people really are. It is okay to state what turns you on and what does not, even if it is something you think most people find odd. You’d be surprised how many different fetishes and oddities you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Sex is such a fundamental part of being human. We should talk more about it!

7) Watching porn

This one is different for women and men. It is considered unladylike for women to watch porn, while a man is considered odd if he does not enjoy it.

Let’s put a big red cross over this statement right now!

Here’s the truth: Both men and women watch porn and there are many individuals in both categories, who do not find it enjoyable.
Girls, we need to embrace the fact that it is okay for us to watch porn!
Boys, you need to embrace the fact that it is okay not to watch porn!

8) Masturbation

Why is this such a weird subject, and why do parents try to keep their children from doing it? Self-exploration is a part of growing up. Many start this at the very beginning of puberty, at least I did. My mum caught me watching porn once when I was 15, and I was sooo ashamed! But somewhere along the line, she must have known what I was doing when she found my door locked. I still make up excuses because she’s my mum and It’s awkward, but I don’t feel ashamed about it anymore, and neither should you, whatever age you are! If you feel ready to explore this part of yourself and life, go ahead! There is nothing wrong with it.

9) Going to the toilet

Why is this also a thing we sometimes try to hide? “I need to powder my nose”, or “I need to drop the kids of at the pool”? Wtf? What’s wrong with a simple “I need to use the toilet”? Seriously… And what’s wrong with asking someone where the bathroom is? You’re not asking what the code to their safe is. It’s the freaking toilet!
Sorry… That came out slightly too aggressively. What I’m trying to say is: Just say what you mean without all the unnecessary euphemisms. We all need the toilet several times a day.

10) Breast feeding

As I hope you’ve all figured out by now, this is the 21st century where seeing naked breasts on TV and on the internet is a common thing. Then why on earth do people feel offended and find it vulgar for women to whip out a boob to feed their child!?
If you don’t want to look at it, fine! That’s why you’ve been created with the following two functions: A turning neck and closing eyelids… So stop trying to make it illegal for women to do this. It just makes you look like a narrow-minded prick.

Have I forgotten any, or do you have something you’d like to add? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you for my next post, bye!

*In case this comes as a surprise, I just want to mention that I have in no way researched any of these thoroughly. I have simply stated my own opinions and what I have dealt with in my life. Besides, if you felt offended by any of it, why did you even bother scrolling all the way down here?*

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