Who Want’s to Be a Marionette?

Yet another love song, but in a way, I’ve never heard before. I love the whole symbolism surrounding marionettes. I’ve now listened to this song a hundred times, and I still love it.

Who else loves Spotify’s Discover Weekly? Anyways, that’s where I first listened to this Romanian Singer (and Model, if anyone’s interested in that fact), Antonia. I have yet to listen to much else from her as many of her songs are partially in Romanian, but the ones I’ve heard, I like.


To be fair, it is not a very complicated song, and it’s lyrics also reflect this fact. However, it is very pleasing to the ear, and thus I highly recommend giving it a chance. Her style is not that unique, nor is it revolutionary, but it is simple and good. Nuff said.

The song has a sad and desperate feel to it. The instruments used and her voice all emphasise this feeling. I can literally feel my heart ache when I listen to it.

Link to music video: Antonia “Marionette” (Official Video)

Have you got a great song, you simply must share with the world? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you for my next post. Bye!


*I have no professional expertise on music. This is 100% my personal opinion.

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