A Song That Protects, Persists, and Perseveres.

The lyrics, the music, the voice! How Does A Moment Last Forever by Céline Dion is simply a magnificent song.

If you read my post on Beauty & the Beast from last week, you’ll know how obsessed I am with the new Beauty & the Beast film. The soundtrack has been playing non-stop on my Spotify this week, and thus I had to write about itThe song I’ve chosen to focus on is the credits song: How Does A Moment Last Forever by the lovely Céline Dion.

Céline Dion

I never quite know how to express my love for a song, or how to explain which parts I truly enjoy, but I’ll try:

The lyrics are fantastic. They have just the right amount of complexity that makes is possible to understand it, but also to keep interpreting and discovering.
They manage to encompass the entire film in one song, yet it can still be applied to so much else.

The instrumental part of the song is of course executed to perfection. I mean, Disney did make the film and Alan Menken wrote the music. That way it cannot go wrong, so go listen to it right now!

Link to song on YouTube: Céline Dion – How Does A Moment Last Forever

How you got a great song or a great soundtrack, you’d like to share with the world? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you for my next post. Bye!


*I have no professional expertise on music. This is 100% my personal opinion.

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