Emma Watson Can Sing!?

Beautiful songs, fancy dresses, and an enchanted castle. It’s Beauty & the Beast (2017).

I am a sucker for Disney and I have always especially loved Beauty & the Beast. When I learned they were doing a live action version of it, I literally jumped in the air from the sheer excitement! These past few months waiting for it to be released have been pure agony, and when it finally was released, I watched it in the cinema a total of four times!


If you loved the animated version, you are sure to love the live action version, as it is so much better. In this version we get a lot more to the story. Many plot holes have been filled, like what happened to Belle’s mother, and why the world didn’t know about the beast and the enchanted castle.

We all know Emma Watson is a great actress, but who knew she could sing? I certainly didn’t. She does a fantastic job playing Belle. You can tell she is not imitating the original, but contributing with new and fantastic traits to the character. In the original, Belle’s father is the inventor but in this film she is, while her father is more of an artist instead.

The Beast has been given more character as well. He has more lines and more songs, which helps us to love him even more. Dan Stevens simply does a marvellous job playing the Beast! Nuff said.

Luke Evans plays Gaston, and he too does a fantastic job. However, the one actor, who’s practically born for the character he’s playing in this film, is Josh Gad playing LeFou, Gaston’s enthusiastic wing man. He has the looks, the personality, and the voice. I could not think of any one else, who would be more perfect for the role.


I could talk about many of the other characters as well, but I think you should simply go watch the film. The casting team has done a magnificent job making sure it all comes together in a truly magical way to give fans the right combination of nostalgia and surprises from all the characters.

The original soundtrack has been expanded and improved. Songs have been added and others extended, giving the film more content and more to love and sing along to. I especially love what they’ve done to the song Gaston. It has more boasting than before, more fun than before, more dancing than before. It’s great! The film also has three new songs and while they are all great, my favourite is absolutely Evermore, sung by the Beast sings as he sends Belle home to help her father from the villagers. It really gives perspective on his side of the story and gives him a chance to express the impact she has had on him. It is the Beast’s love song and I love it.

Writing this has made want to watch the film again, but I have more work to do so I’ll simply have to make do with listening to the entire soundtrack for the 117th time this week.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did give it a like, and let me know in the comments which films you’ve been enjoying lately. Until next time, bye!


*I have no professional expertise on films. This is 100% my personal opinion.


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