Cheap Jewelry From Hong Kong

I’ve done it again: I went on and ended up ordering £30 worth of jewelry… Let me show you how it went.

So, if any of you have tried buying stuff from LightInTheBox, you know it’s quite a gamble. You never quite know how the quality of the products will be. Sometimes you really get your money’s worth, but that is unfortunately nowhere near every time. I have only tried buying clothes and jewelry from there, and I can tell you NOT to buy clothes!! You’ll regret it for sure. Buying jewelry however, can be a positive experience, if you know what to look for.

The first item I bought was this golden necklace with a leaf-shaped pendant:

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I am quite pleased with it. The details are well-made and the length is great as well. It does look like the picture from the website, and for only £1.75 it feels like quite a bargain. However, I won’t know how long it’ll last until I start wearing it.

Next up is a silver chain necklace, which I was quite excited about tbh:

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Okay, I know my photo is not the best, but it really does look exactly like on the website and it only cost me £2.63! I am looking so much forward to wearing this! It will go great with a pretty dress.

For a long time, I’ve wanted a simply gold bracelet, and so I ordered this:

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Does it look like the photo from the website? Yes. Is it too long, and I have to remove two links? Also yes, but that’s okay with me. It’s still pretty. I have one similar in silver (also from lightinthebox) and unlike cheap jewelry from H&M and Primark, it has never started to tarnish, and I’ve worn it a lot! I’m expecting the same result from this bracelet. Oh, and it cost me £5.27.

You can never go wrong with a simple silver bracelet, so obviously I had to get one of those too:

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Again: My photo is not the best… Next time I’ll do better. This bracelet is SO cute! I have a relatively big wrist and it fits me loosely. If you have a small wrist and a small hand, it might fall off. This one also looks a lot like the picture from the website and I’m very pleased with it. Hopefully it will last me a long time. This bracelet was only £1.75.

A few weeks ago I started becoming slightly obsessed with pearls. I’ve never really liked pearl jewelry, it’s always been what my Mum and Grandma wore. I bought several items with pearls, the first being this necklace:

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I really like this one. It is super simply and I love the tiny chain. I have several pairs of simply pearl earrings, and now I finally have a necklace to pair them with! This was £1.75.

The next necklace I bought in both gold and silver, because it was so cheap:

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It turns out they are both crap. The silver one broke even before I could take a picture of it, and it had a much smaller pearl than the gold one. The chain has big, clumsy-looking links and the way the pearl is attached to the chain looks like something I could have done better when I was 12. I am not pleased with either of these. Fortunately they were only £0.87 each.

I love it when things fit together like a set, so I bought two, the first of which is this set:

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They don’t look exactly the same. I had hoped for a more golden tint to the pearls and stones, and if you look closely, you can see that the stones are slightly crooked. Having said that, for £6.15 this set is still an okay value for money. I will definitely wear it.

The last set I bought is my favorite item of the entire order:

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If you look closely, you can see that the amount and sizes of the stones is not quite the same, but I don’t mind. The rest is a perfect representation of the actual product. I especially like the swirling chain. I actually hadn’t noticed this when I bought it, so that was a pleasant surprise. This set was only £7.03!

And that is all from my LightInTheBox jewelry haul!

Have you noticed that it’s all silver and gold? No leather or color. There’s a reason for that. I’ve tried buying jewelry from LightInTheBox many times, and I’ve found that the best value for money comes from the silver and gold items. My advice to you is not to go after the insanely cheap stuff. The £5+ items are alright. I have never bought anything expensive from there, so I can’t comment on the value of those items.

Just a small warning to you here at the end: Because this is shipped from outside the EU and the US these parcels can get caught going through customs. So try to keep your shipments as small as possible. Yes, this will cost extra in shipping costs, but it may save you money in the long run. I split this order into two orders on around £15 each and neither went through customs, which,  depending on which country you live in,  can double the cost of your order.

Thank you for reading this post, and if you liked it please be sure to press that like button down below. Have you got any experience buying from LightInTheBox or any similar site? If so please share it in the comments. I’ll see you for my next post, bye!


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