I Went to Jail!?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a real prison looked like? Maybe you’ve watched tons of crime series, but that’s not quite the same, so you finally decide to go on a tour of a prison? Me too.

Let us go back to the 17th of January, where I took a tour of Shrewsbury Prison. It lasted a couple of hours where the former prison officer, who did the tour, took us through the entire process of going to prison from start to finish.

Shrewsbury prison closed in 2013 due to the insane cost of keeping such an old prison running. This was quite a shame, because several years in a row leading up to its closing, Shrewsbury Prison had been the best prison in Britain. It was so good that in 2013 they had to postpone their yearly count of the best prisons in Britain so it didn’t look like they shut down the best prison in Britain.

Outside Shrewsbury Prison

The food was one of the best qualities of Shrewsbury Prison. The inmates could choose between many different dishes for all their meals. Prisonfood is often nothing special – and quite frankly not something you would serve even your worst enemy – but Shrewsbury Prison was different. If they had guests there for some reason they would be served the same food as the inmates. It was THAT good!

Shrewsbury prison is said to be one of the most haunted places in Britain. Jail House Tours also host Horror Tours and you can get to spend the night there. Many paranormal groups have spent the night there with all their equipment in hopes of getting some exiting readings.

The haunted C-wing

The C-wing is the most haunted place there. Some officers refused to take the night shift in that wing because of the ghosts. There are supposedly two ghosts in that wing. There is a Grey Lady, who walks the length of the wing and then disappears through a door in one end. There is also a crying child at the bottom of the stars. Why a child? Well… This prison opened in 1793 and the C-wing used to be the female wing. Sometimes the children would live with their mothers in the prison for small periods at a time. So it is likely that a child died there.

The execution room

One of the most exciting things about Shrewsbury Prison is the still-functioning execution room. Quite a few people have been executed here and it is (of course) also haunted. Some guests on the tour feel a vibe when they walk through the door, and some even refuse to enter it because of a weird feeling. I didn’t feel a thing, so I was a bit disappointed, but I know someone who felt something walking through that door.

Inside Shrewsbury prison

It was an amazing tour with an amazing guide and I could tell you so much more, but I try to keep my posts short and precise. If you live in and around Shrewsbury I suggest you check it out. It is quite affordable and you get a great experience for the money. If you don’t live near here, there is sure to be a prison close to you that you can come and see. I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Have you been on this prison tour or a different one? Please let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your stories. Until next time, bye!

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