How to Get Rid of Pimples

As so many others, I have acne-prone skin. This is what I do to keep my skin clear.

One of the major factors in keeping ones skin clear is keeping it clean. So every morning and every night I use the Clean & Clear products by Johnson & Johnson. There are many different products in this series, but these are the ones I use at the moment:


Every morning and evening I use these three products in the following order: Exfoliating Daily Wash, Deep Action Cream Wash, and Dual Action Moisturiser. This has certainly helped me get clearer skin, and because I also have very oily skin, the oil-free factor in all three products keeps my skin from getting super oily.

If you have yet to try these products, I recommend that you go check them out. You might just find your miracle cure.

Something else I do is avoid makeup on my skin. Foundations and powders block off the pores and keeps your skin from breathing properly, thus increasing the chance for pimples and other impurities in the skin.

Unfortunately, ones diet shows on ones skin. If I’ve eaten unhealthy for a couple of days I start to see it on my skin. I also seem to always get lots of pimples after a night out. It might be the sugar in the drinks or the alcohol itself, I’m not sure. In any case: If you want clear skin, try to avoid alcoholic beverages.

I am in no way an expert on the subject of acne and acne products, but I felt I could at least share my experiences with you guys.

Link to products:

Clean & Clear products

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