How to Remember to Drink Water

Do you sometimes look back on your day and realise you didn't drink enough water? Me too, so here are a few tips on how to remember to drink water. So why should you drink more water? Well, you need it. And a lot more than you might think. It is also the solution to an endless... Continue Reading →

Emma Watson Can Sing!?

Beautiful songs, fancy dresses, and an enchanted castle. It's Beauty & the Beast (2017). I am a sucker for Disney and I have always especially loved Beauty & the Beast. When I learned they were doing a live action version of it, I literally jumped in the air from the sheer excitement! These past few months... Continue Reading →

Cheap Jewelry From Hong Kong

I've done it again: I went on and ended up ordering £30 worth of jewelry... Let me show you how it went. So, if any of you have tried buying stuff from LightInTheBox, you know it's quite a gamble. You never quite know how the quality of the products will be. Sometimes you really get your... Continue Reading →

British vs American English

Crisps or chips? Pants or trousers? Dinner or tea? So having lived in England for a while and having access to well, the internet, I've discovered many linguistic differences between British English and American English, many of which I will share with you today. One of the first ones I discovered, which I did not... Continue Reading →

Big Monkey vs Two-legged Lizard

We've got a big monkey, big insects, weird creatures, and lots of death. It's Kong: Skull Island (2017). Honestly I've never been a big fan of movies that include weird creatures on earth. Weird creatures in another world is fine (e.g. LOTR and Star Wars), but when it comes to Jurassic Park or King Kong, I've... Continue Reading →

I Went to Jail!?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a real prison looked like? Maybe you've watched tons of crime series, but that's not quite the same, so you finally decide to go on a tour of a prison? Me too. Let us go back to the 17th of January, where I took a tour of... Continue Reading →

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