The Path of Life

A fork in the road, a choice to make No option an easy path to take One is bright but bumpy, one is smooth but dark Both an adventure on which I may embark An impossible decision, but make it I must No help to find, so in myself, I must trust When life gives... Continue Reading →


River of Tears

She gives a smile and cracks a joke when a hurtful comment comes her way. She ignores the feeling and tells herself she should not take it personally. She tells herself that she should smile and be happy. But ignoring the feeling doesn't make it disappear. Every time she suppresses such a feeling or holds... Continue Reading →


Dreams are but seeds buried in the soil of our minds. They lie there waiting for us to send a thought their way. Every thought is a drop of water, every written note or uttered prayer a ray of sunlight. As we nurture our dreams, they will grow from seed to sapling and finally into... Continue Reading →

The Maze

The Maze When you first enter, you will find yourself surrounded by lush green hedges with flowers growing at their base. It is a happy and joyful place, which seems filled with love and possibilities. But as you venture further into the maze, you will find that the lushness doesn't last. Here, the hedges have turned... Continue Reading →

To the future love of my life

To the future love of my life. My heart lies within a heavily guarded fortress. To reach it you must prepare yourself. Don your toughest armour and sharpen your finest blade. On your journey through the fortress, you will meet numerous demons, many of whom will try to defeat you by force. Others will try... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know

I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do or what to feel. Sometimes I don't know how to fall asleep and other times I don't know how to wake up again. And even if I knew, I'm not sure I want to. I just want to stay in this world of... Continue Reading →

You Are

You feel like you are nothing. Just a grain of sand in the vast ocean. A speck of dust in an endless Universe.   You are something. A living and breathing human. An intelligent being.   You are you. And no one will ever be exactly like you. So don't try to be someone else.... Continue Reading →


Some people believe in fate and in destiny. Some believe that everything we do is predetermined by a higher power. Some don't believe in coincidences. They believe everything happens for a reason. Some believe that if they just sit there doing nothing their purpose in life will present itself to them as in a dream. I beg... Continue Reading →

Towards The Rising Sun

She squinted as she tried looking directly at the rising sun. Obscuring the natural horizon beyond was the tall buildings that made up the centre of the town in which she had lived her entire life. Soon she would make her way to one of these buildings to spend her day behind a plain desk. After... Continue Reading →

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